It has been said that travel opens the heart and the mind…

There are places that inevitably enter into our heart and stay there forever, kept hidden, maybe for an emotion lived, perhaps for a memory or simply for an experience.

“Travelling is like writing a book, and who does
not do so writes only one page”.

My goal is precisely to help you to write the pages of your book with simple emotions, by way of the discovery and the familiarity with new places that are rich in history, culture and traditions. Every place has its own identity and I propose to discover mine with you.

My name is Gennaro Fusco and I live in Positano, the heart of the Amalfi Coast.I have been a driver since 1998, I began driving as a boy and I have learned my trade  “in the field” sharpening my commitment and capabilities.

I love my job and I do it with great passion and dedication knowing that there are always something new to learn. I have been a bodyguard, a job that taught me to be attentive and ready to ensure protection to my clients, giving them all the trust and security that they require. I treat my clients with respect and I try to satisfy their requests organizing personalized itineraries.