TOUR DURATION: 8/10 hours


  • Air conditioning
  • English speaking driver
  • Taxes, parking, fuel and any tolls
  • Wi-Fi on-board


  • Entrance fees, Museum Tickets
  • Professional Guide
  • Lunch
  • Gratuities


Let’s discover the fascinating area of Salerno, starting with its greatest historic patrimony – the archaeological ruins dating from Magna Grecia – Paestum.

The excavations of Greek Poseidonia began in the 18th century bringing to light its majesty. We can admire, still today, the remains of three temples, the Via Sacra, the remains of the old walls and the ancient quarter where we can admire “Il Cardo” and “Il Decumano“, the two principal old roads; as well as the subsequent construction from the Roman era.

The oldest monument is the Temple of Hera also known as the “Basilica”, dedicated to the bride of Zeus and most venerated divinity of antique Poseidonia.

In the far north of the town is the temple of Athena, goddess of war and handicrafts; the larger and better conserved temple is dedicated to Neptune.

The Tomb of the Diver and many other precious findings from the Greek era and Roman period, can be viewed in the National Museum of Paestum.

The Baths, the Amphitheater, the Forum and the Italic Temple are from the Roman era.

Paestum is rich in beautiful sanny beaches  and home to many wine and food festivals featuring the production of dairy products and wines from the surrounding area.