Have you little time available to visit this magical land, yet you are  bound to know is better?

Here are my personalized proposals. You decide time and duration of the tour that you don’t want to miss!
Amalfi Coast tour


A tour to discover my land its rich history, landscape, artistic monuments and real local traditions.

A stop is obligatory in Amalfi the center of the coast. The imposing Duomo, an eruption of many styles and eras of art, that stands out in the centre of the amin square welcoming the citizens guiding them to discover its great riches.

Not to be missed in Ravello, with the magic of its gardens and the elegance of the villas, a place frozen in time. Even today Ravello gives a sensation of peace and serenity and for this its called “Homeland of the Spirit”.


The poetic city in miniature, with the fragrance of lemons and the “gnocchi alla sorrentina“. A place to discover along its narrow streets, full of shops, and glimpses of local customs down to the old fisherma’s village that still prevails of Marina Grande.

Sorrento is an ideal shopping destination. The main street is a continuous succession of shops of famousdesigners, while the little side streets offer souvenirs and beautiful gift ideas.

Paestum Excursion


I’ll take you to the ancient archaeological site of Magna Grecia, with its beautiful temples that conserve the history and importance of the site.

On the way back home from this trip to the past, we’ll get to know a bit of culinary richness of the area: the making of mozzarella of buffalo, following all the steps that give life to this succulent cheese from the stall to savouring the final.

Pompei and Vesuvius tour


A step into the past to breath everyday life of the population of Pompeii before the eruption of Vesuvius in ’79 A.D..

We’ll visit the streets of the old city, the once buried houses and the remains of the rich patricians residences from from the Roman era we’ll learn the history of this place and get to know the “author” of that event: Vesuvio.

In addition to the ancient pompeii there is also the current Pompeii to be discovered with its fascinating Sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna del Rosario.

Private Tour Naples


The capital of Campania region and full of places of historic and cultural interest,  from riches of the old Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, to the devotion of the faithful to their patron Saint Gennaro.

The city of the comedies of Totò, De Filippo and Salemme; the Neapolitan music of Caruso, Renato Carosone and Pino Daniele; the pizza, the spaghetti “cà pummarol” (with tomato), the delicious  sweet “babà au Rum” and the Christmas traditions of the “presepe” representation of the Birth of Christ.

I’ll show you the castles on the edge of the sea, the riches of the Treasure of San Gennaro and the exquisite Cristo Velato Statue, well walk along the streets that hide piece of history beyound every angle.

Pizza Making Experience


An excursion dedicated to food and wine lovers, who like to discover new things by way of their taste buds.

From savouring the dairy products of Lattari Mountains rigorously accompanied by a glass of good wine, we will pass to first course with the sea as the main ingredient, to apprecciate the products and discoveries of the Amalfi Coast and vicinity.

To conclude our gastronomic adventure we’ll have some typical sweets: the lemon delight, “Caprese cake” and the numerous pastry creations of the Minori, we’ll top it all off with the real essence of the coast: a delicious glass of limoncello.


  • Air conditioning
  • English speaking driver
  • Taxes, parking, fuel and any tolls
  • Wi-Fi on-board


  • Entrance fees, Museum Tickets
  • Professional Guide
  • Lunch
  • Gratuities