TOUR DURATION: minimum 4 hour (Included in Enogastronomic Tour)


  • Air conditioning
  • English speaking driver
  • Taxes, parking, fuel and any tolls
  • Wi-Fi on-board


  • Entrance fees, Museum Tickets
  • Professional Guide
  • Lunch
  • Gratuities


It is no wonder that wine is often associated with mythological legends. It was on the tables of the old Greek gods and on that the Roman emperors and still today it is present at many social events. I’ll take you to visit the most esteemed vineyards on the Amalfi Coast and we’ll discover the “magic” process that turns the grapes into wine.

The real temples to the production are found high in the zones above the sea: Tramonti, Ravello and Furore. Several cellars allow visitors the chance to taste their products accompanied by delicious Monti Lattari cheeses and other dairy products.

These are found inland in the green area of the Costiera where the hills are covered with a age-old vines, pergolas of grapes from which are produced numerous wines label.

The terraces geography does not permit the use of 

mechanized equipmend and things are done by hand; everything seems to have stopped in the log ago. The process of the harvest of the grapes  mirrors traditions rooted in the long past.

It is a different discourse for nearby “Rebello“, a place that has historically welcomed aristocrats and artists who enjoyed the wine produced here, we want leave the cantina without having taasted the local red wine which has been produced here since 1960’s.

Lastly, we’ll visit Furore, the town of painted walls that hosts numerous artists each year who leave behind their works of art buildings of the town. It is the wind from the Terra Furoris, coming from the mouth of the fjord, that creates the perfect climatic and thermal conditions for the “birth” of inimitable wines.