TOUR LENGHT: minimum 7 hour (Included in Enogastronomic Tour)


  • Air conditioning
  • English speaking driver
  • Taxes, parking, fuel and any tolls
  • Wi-Fi on-board


  • Entrance fees, Museum Tickets
  • Professional Guide
  • Lunch
  • Gratuities


Who know if that imaginative pizzamaker, in 1889, knew that he had created, not just a tribute to the area, but a product that changed the face of the world!

I’ll take you to learn the preparation process of the pizza, a dish that with simple ingredients has become a royal dish created in honor of Queen Margherita and today a part of the Saturday evenings for many italians.

Our “pizza making” will begin by buying the main ingredients, some of which are rigorously harvested from our gardens, and then… elbow grease and a lot of passion!

From the customs governing the realization of the perfect “pasta”, to the kneading of the dought we’ll learn the proper baking rules and transform the simple ingredients into a delicious pizza.

Then – we’ll taste your pizza together, discovering the exact same flavor that conquered the royal palate of the queen 100 years ago.

Sorrento, home of Torquato Tasso, the romantic words of the famous song “Torna a Surriento” and the bewitching “Sing of the Sirens”. A place rich in tradition and the ideal place for who ever wants to take home a “piece” of this fascinating territory.

With a rich infrastructure, Sorrento is a real and proper city in miniature, with a main street studded with high-fashion shops, bars and restaurants. But it is in the little side-streets that the rich essence of the town can be found, a continuous mix of small wood-inlay shops, culinary products, stylish local creations and accessories garnished with the, lingering parfume of “femminiello”, the typical lemon of the peninsula.

In one of the little street is hidden Sedile Dominova, a small square structure whose frescoed walls will leave you speechless; and the Chiostro di San Francesco, a melodic fusion of diverse artistic styles  – today the seat of numerous

exhibitions and musical events.

Of equal interest is the Museo Correale, where precious objects that in which are collected objects and testimony of diverse periods are exhibited. You can visit Villa Fiorentino, ex Villa Fazzoletti, that hosts shows of the works of international artists. After a invigorating walk in the Vallone dei Mulini, our last stop is Marina Grande.

At the end of a little stone walking and the ancient Porta Greca, will discover the picturesquefishing village with it  characteristic fishing boats and brightly coloured houses just a few meters from the sea.

We want leave town until we have tasted a steaming plate of “gnocchi alla sorrentina” and a refreshing glass of limoncello!